Trooper Outdoor Mat, Black (3' x 5')

Trooper Outdoor Mat, Black (3' x 5')
Categories: Office, Programs
Brand: Apache Mills
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This premium heavy-duty rubber-backed mat offers superior durability and exceptional water absorption. The Apache Mills Trooper™ Outdoor Mat features thousands of fingertip ribs that provide exceptional cleaning and scraping action with anti-slip performance. Its functional rubber construction features beveled edges for added safety. Why we love this Ideal for medium to high traffic outdoor entrances, the Trooper™ Outdoor Mat offers terrific scraping action and anti-slip traction which is great for snow and mud conditions. Why Use the Trooper™ Outdoor Mat? This mat is ready for the dirt, mud and snow! Designed for extreme scraping action, it is also Eco-friendly with 60% recycled rubber materials. Stays in Place When it comes to mats, you need one that doesn’t move around when you scrape your feet on it. This mat feature anti-slip traction which helps it stick to the ground like glue. Not only does this help prevent you from dirtying the floors inside, but it also provides extra grip and resistance for scrubbing off the dirt from your shoes. Where Can I use the Trooper™? This rubber Trooper™ door mat is ideal for extreme outside conditions. Recommended uses include: Outdoor high-traffic entrance areas such as schools, office buildings, restaurants, ski resorts, and other recreational facilities exposed to snow and mud conditions. Often matched with water absorbing indoor carpets.