Top-Load Polypropylene Sheet Protectors

Top-Load Polypropylene Sheet Protectors
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Brand: Cline
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Sheet protectors are widely used as a tool to keep documents in their original condition. Once inserted into the holder, the documents instantly have a plastic, protective cover, which will help eliminate damage and tearing while they are being stored. This is especially important for high-use documents that are accessed on a regular basis. Document holders have strong, reinforced edges, which prevent tears. Top-loading sheet protectors are pre-punched to fit standard three-ring binders. This allows for documents to remain in their original state. The acid-free polypropylene material eliminates photocopy transfer. Sheet protectors are a durable storage option for important documents and reference materials. For 11 x 8 1/2 InsertsThree-hole punched for unpunched sheets. Load Orientation: Top Sheet Capacity: 2 Sheet Protector Type: Ring Binder Insert Size: 8.5 x 11.