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Taste Of Home What Can I Cook In My.
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Taste Of Home What Can I Cook In My… - Make the most of your kitchen tools today. With Taste of Home What Can I Cook in My Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Waffle Iron…? on hand, the ideal dinner is always at your fingertips. It’s time to cook what you want-how you want. It’s easy with the recipes inside the brand-new title Taste of Home What Can I Cook in My Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Waffle Iron…? Looking for a savory dinner that comes together in the Instant Pot? Turn to the Instant Pot section, and you’ll find dozens of recipes to choose from. Need side dishes from the air fryer? We’ve got you covered with 25 air-fried specialties. You’ll also find a mouthwatering selection of slow-cooked classics, fun things to bake in muffin tins, dishes seasoned to perfection in cast-iron skillets and meal-in-one favorites made easy on sheet pans. You’ll even find recipes that take advantage of your sous-vide cooker, spiralizer and other kitchen appliances. Easy Organization. This handy cookbook is divided into sections, each focusing on a specific piece of kitchen equipment (Instant Pots, Air Fryers, waffle irons, slow cookers, Spiralizers, cast iron skillets, baking sheets, 9x13 pans, etc.) These sections are then divided into appetizer recipes, side dishes, entrees and desserts. Looking for an Instant Pot recipe? Flip to that section. Need a one-dish meal that cooks in the oven? See the chapter “For the Sheet Pan.” Just bought a cast-iron skillet? Learn how to season it, clean it and cook with it in that area of the book. Both Instant Pot & Slow Cooker Recipes. Whether buyers have an Instant Pot or a slow cooker (or both), this is the ideal cookbook for them. This exciting new title offers the best of both worlds for today’s family cook. Air-Fryer Recipes. This new kitchen tool is popping up in homes from coast to coast, and buyers are desperate for new recipes. With the What Can I Make in my…? Cookbook, readers can flip to a section dedicated entirely to air-fried recipes. Those without out an air-fryer don’t have to worry-there are hundreds of other dishes for them to choose from. Family-Friendly Favorites. Individual Muffin-Tin Lasagnas, Sheet Pan Nachos, Slow-Cooked Pizza Stew…these are the dishes families crave, and this book offers hundreds of them. It’s a cookbook for today’s family cooks from today’s family cooks because the recipes are shared from real people. These are the dishes they make with their kitchen tools, and they’ve shared their favorites here. Tips on Kitchen Tools. Learn the best way to clean your Instant Pot, learn what not to cook in a cast-iron skillet and discover how to make the most of your slow cooker. You’ll find such hints in each section of the cookbook.