Select Surfaces Chestnut Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring (3 Boxes)

Select Surfaces Chestnut Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring (3 Boxes)
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Brand: Select Surfaces
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Select Surfaces™ Chestnut Vinyl Plank flooring features deep, dark brown tones that create an elegant, sophisticated look. This item comes with an attached foam backer and requires no additional underlayment, making this an ideal DIY product. This flooring is waterproof, has an SPC core, and does not require much maintenance, which is why it is perfect for any room in the house including kitchens, bathrooms and basements. This flooring is suitable for residential or light commercial traffic and is covered by a limited 30 year residential and 10 year light commercial warranty. It is also FloorScore certified for low VOC emissions and healthier indoor air quality. What’s Vinyl Flooring? Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material that comes in tile, sheet and plank forms. Its bottom layer is typically calcium carbonate which is then covered with PVC along with a plasticizer. The material is then printed, embossed and coated with a wear layer. Vinyl flooring is economical, water-resistant and versatile. It’s popular for placing in bathrooms and kitchens. What’s the Difference Between Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring? With advancements in technology, the appearance of vinyl and laminate flooring greatly resemble that of real wood, stone and tile, but there are still differences. The laminate core board is typically made with high-density fiberboard (HDF). HDF is made from wood fiber extracted from chips and pulped wood, whereas vinyl flooring is 100% synthetic. The thickness of vinyl may range between 1.2mm to 12mm while laminate can be from 6mm to 15mm. When it comes to water resistance, vinyl flooring is completely waterproof. Traditionally, laminate has been known to absorb water and swell easily. But special construction technology has improved laminate’s core layer substantially, making some products waterproof for 24 hours. Types of Vinyl Flooring Sheet: Comes in a single roll that’s typically 6’ to 12’ wide. Since it limits the number of seams during installation, this type of flooring is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. It can be laid loosely over subflooring or glued down. Plank: Vinyl plank flooring resembles hardwood floors. They’re economical and provide stain- and water-resistance Tile: Vinyl tile typically comes in individual squares and in various sizes. When assembled, they take on the appearance of stone flooring. These tiles can be arranged to make unique patterns and are also easier to replace when damaged Vinyl Floor Surface Coatings Vinyl flooring is constructed with different wear layer surfaces. A no-wax surface is ideal for light traffic areas and offers resistance to stains. Flooring layered with urethane is more durable, easy to maintain and resistant to scratches along with scuffs. Enhanced urethane vinyl flooring offers the highest protection and can hold up to heavy traffic. Why Choose Select Surfaces Chestnut Vinyl Plank Flooring? Besides giving a space warmth and rich color, Select Surfaces Chestnut Vinyl Plank Flooring is completely waterproof. It offers the look of real hardwood and is simple to install due to its click locking system. This flooring doesn’t require an underlayment and will hide small subfloor imperfections. It’s resistant to stains, making maintenance a breeze. Terrific for bathrooms, kitchens and basements in the home, this luxury vinyl flooring can also be installed in commercial settings. Installation When installing your vinyl flooring, it should be placed on a solid, flat surface. It’s recommended that you purchase extra materials to compensate for waste. Before the installation of the vinyl flooring, the subfloor needs to be properly prepared. An expansion gap should be left around the perimeter of a room to compensate for the natural contraction of the planks due to seasonal temperatures. The flooring should also be mixed and matched from different packages to reduce shade variations.