Scentos Scented 200ct Bold Chalk Pack

Scentos Scented 200ct Bold Chalk Pack
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Brand: Scentos
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Having one of the coolest and best-smelling driveways in your neighborhood is easy with Scentos Scented 200ct easy-grip triangle chalk sticks. You’ll want to play all day every day with the refreshing scent and bold colors of Scentos Chalk. About Scentos Scented 200ct Chalk Set The box contains 200 pieces of multi-color scented chalk sticks. Included in the large box are 4 smaller boxes containing 50 sticks. Individual boxes inside make it easier to store and transport in smaller quantities, also great for sharing with friends or saving for a later date. Triangle chalk sticks are extremely durable and easy to hold, making them perfect for playing outside for hours on end. Are the Scentos Scented Chalk stick for outside use only? Absolutely not. As long as the chalk is being used on proper surfaces, the chalk can be used inside with the supervision of an adult. Writing on the walls is not recommended unless the walls are painted with chalkboard paint. In that case, it is a match made in chalk heaven. Additionally, since the chalk is washable, parents are guaranteed to appreciate its ease of cleaning. Is Scentos Scented 200ct Chalk Stick Pack an economical purchase? Yes. Not only is the Scentos Scented 200ct Chalk Pack a fantastic value, but also gives you the bang for your buck. Such a large quantity of chalk for such a great price is a worthwhile investment in hours upon days of fun in the sun. Not to mention the fact that the chalk is washable and toxic-free. The most unique aspect of our chalk is its scent. Although we know it might be tempting as the scent is very fresh and fruity, this product is not edible. As mentioned earlier, it is nontoxic but it is advised not to consume the product.