Reduce Cold1 50 oz. Mug (Blue)

Reduce Cold1 50 oz. Mug (Blue)
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Brand: Reduce
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Get a handle on your day with the Reduce® Cold1 Mug. Holding an impressive 50 ounces, you can enjoy more while refilling less! Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, the Cold1 Mug keeps drinks cold all day whether you’re at home or the office. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe means spending less time cleaning and more on the things that matter. Thanks to the Sip-It-Your-Way lid, you can enjoy the freedom to choose between casually sipping, taking a drink, or chugging to hydration! Bigger is Better An impressive 50 ounces, this top selling Cold1 Mug is the perfect capacity for long lasting hydration. Enjoy more and refill less with a high-capacity mug that makes it convenient to reach your hydration goals! Dependable Insulation Designed with top-of-the-line dual-wall vacuum insulation, this mug keeps drinks cold for up to 36 hours, all while staying condensation-free. Whether you’re out at the pool or simply hydrating at home, there’s nothing better than taking a sip from your drink and always finding it ice cold. Patented Lid Technology The Cold1 Mug features a 3-in-1 lid and straw that’s designed to let you Sip It Your Way. Sip your drink by opening the small lid flap and inserting the straw, drink by opening the large lid flap for a slow pour, or gulp by opening both lid flaps for a fast pour. Whichever method you prefer, this versatile mug has you covered! Ditch the Disposables™ By choosing the reusable 50-oz. Cold1 Mug, you are supporting the effort to reduce single-use waste and create a greener future. With Americans using over 70 million single-use water bottles per day, every small choice to use reusable products can make a big difference-way to go! Is this product easy to clean? Yes! The Reduce® Cold1 Mug and Lid are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Say goodbye to struggling with lids that are complex and hard to clean. The patented Cold1 lid was designed with simplicity in mind and features a removable gasket for easy cleaning.