Pods Variety Pack

Pods Variety Pack
Categories: Office, Programs
Brand: Starbucks
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This variety pack of best selling favorites of Starbucks Nespresso roasts includes 20 pods of Espresso Roast, 20 pods of Blonde Espresso Roast, 10 pods of Single-Origin Colombia and 10 pods of Pike Place Roast, and is compatible with Nespresso original line Nespresso Machines. These espresso capsules brew from 0.85, 1.35, or 3.7 ounces. Pop in the Nespresso Capsule and select the espresso, ristretto, or lungo brew size. Roasts range from Starbucks Blonde roasts intensity level 6 to dark roasts intensity level 11 to please all levels of coffee lovers. Start your morning off on the right foot with a Nespresso pod. Stock your pantry at home or your office breakroom with these pods to make the whole family and office happy. Beverage Type: Coffee Flavor: Blonde Espresso Roast Colombia Espresso Roast Pikes Place Roast Type: Medium Dark Packing Type: Pod.