Pacon Multi-Sensory Ruled Handwriting Tablet

Pacon Multi-Sensory Ruled Handwriting Tablet
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Brand: Pacon
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Help students learn and practice their writing skills by giving them a tablet with ruled paper that can not only be seen but felt. Raised headlines and baselines on this Multi-Sensory Handwriting Tablet give students some extra-sensorial cues to guide them in letter formation, spacing and organization. They can learn handwriting through two senses: sight and touch. This portrait-oriented tablet mimics a standard notebook, making it a great option for students who benefit from the raised ruling, but may not want to draw attention to their learning difference. Headlines are blue, and baselines are red. It has a 1/2" ruling, 1/4" dotted midline and 1/4" skip space. Tablet conforms to both D’Nealian and Zaner-Bloser handwriting styles.