OttLite Compact Travel UVC Disinfecting Wand

OttLite Compact Travel UVC Disinfecting Wand
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Brand: Ottlite
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Compact Travel UVC Disinfecting Wand is great for travel, restaurants, the office, your car and more with its germ-killing power on-the-go. This device uses UVC LEDs that are shown to kill up to 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi that can be present on airplane trays, restaurant menus and office desks. Quick UV disinfection is one easy step to take in creating a cleaner environment. It is small enough for purse or pocket. Simply charge this device with the included USB-C cable. To use, place close to the area to be cleaned (1/2" above) and slowly move the wand over the surface. Smart safety features assist with safe usage and include double-tap to turn on and gravity sensor that turns device off when wand is rotated. UV lighting should not be directly exposed to skin or eyes.