Multilingual Caution Pop-Up Safety Cone

Multilingual Caution Pop-Up Safety Cone
Categories: Office, Programs
Brand: Rubbermaid
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The Rubbermaid Commercial Pop-Up Safety Cone with Multi-Language Imprint and Wet Floor Symbol is collapsible and automatically deployed. The caution sign features the universal wet floor symbol and the word caution imprinted in English, French and Spanish for effective communication to broad audiences. The caution cone is durable, yet folds compactly when not in use. The plastic cone features a wall-mounted storage tube that allows for easy and compact storing. The bright yellow design meets OSHA requirements while the multilingual graphics are ANSI compliant. Made from durable materials, this safety sign can withstand serious abuse. Depicted Text: Attention Caution Cuidado Width: 21" Depth: 21" Height: 20".