Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponges + Sheets Variety Pack (16 ct.)

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponges + Sheets Variety Pack (16 ct.)
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Brand: Mr. Clean
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This variety pack includes Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable scrubber, foaming bath scrubber, and individual sheets. Together, these three multi-purpose cleaning pads are perfect for your impossible messes all around the house: marks on walls, stubborn bathroom soap scum and baked-on kitchen messes. Magic Eraser Extra Durable Sponges When life gets messy, get the Magic Eraser Extra Durable with Durafoam. It has a 4x stronger cleaning performance than the leading all-purpose bleach spray, so it tackles your home’s most impossible dirt with ease. Magic Eraser Foaming Bath Sponges with Febreze Lavender Scent Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath scrubber, with Febreze Lavender Scent, erases 3x more soap scum. The build-up of tough soap scum on your sink, shower and tub can quickly transform your bathroom from shiny and clean to dingy and grimy. The cleaning scrubber is more durable than Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original, allowing you to tackle your tough bathroom messes easily. *vs. the leading all-purpose spray cleaner *Cleaning performance vs. the leading all-purpose bleach spray