MotoSleep XSF100W Queen Adjustable Base

MotoSleep XSF100W Queen Adjustable Base
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Brand: Moto
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The MotoSleep XSF100W low profile queen adjustable base from RC Willey provides ultimate compatibility to fit any platform, slat, or storage bed. It’s a single motor bed which lifts the head of your mattress. It can also be used as a standalone power foundation with legs. The ultra slim soft form technology harmonizes the mattress and the power foundation with your body and the platforms allow the mattress to curve naturally instead of making hard angle bends which greatly reduces the stress on the mattress and the resulting gaps between the two. In addition, it has a USB charging port. Patent pending soft form technology Wired backlight remote Single motor head adjustment Patent pending foldable design with half the box size for easy handling USB charging port One size leg Emergency battery back-up