Member's Mark Pet Training Pads, 23" x 24" (120 ct.)

Member's Mark Pet Training Pads, 23" x 24" (120 ct.)
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Brand: Member's Mark
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Whether you need to keep your house dry and tidy or want some extra protection while traveling with your furry friend, be sure to reach for Member’s Mark™ Pet Training Pads. They are specifically designed to help provide excellent protection throughout the day and night for puppies and dogs of all ages. They are ideal for use at home, the office, inside pet carriers, on car seats, in the back of trucks, and other such locations. How Do I Train a Dog to Use Training Pads? The first thing to remember when house training your puppy or dog is to remember that it can, at times, require a lot of patience and repeated practice. Remember, puppies aren’t used to the world they are in, and when they need to use the bathroom, it is an unconscious act for them. This is where Member’s Mark Pet Training Pads come in. They have a built-in attractant that encourages dogs to use the pad on both a conscious and subconscious level. To house train your dog correctly and have them remember to go outside, you’ll want to continually move your Member’s Mark Pet Training Pads until it goes from inside to outside. Be sure to remember that when using your dog training pad, wherever you put it, you place it in a low-traffic area. What Dog Training Pads Are The Best? When looking for training pads for your canine friend, be sure to look out for ones that are incredibly absorbent, come with a leak-resistant liner to help prevent stains and also have some method to control odor. Member’s Mark Pet Training Pads have a quilted design to soak up the liquid, and they also come with a lined back. The QuickDry technology employed in the Member’s Mark dog pads is one of the best for controlling odors. How Many Pads are in the Box? When you purchase this Member’s Mark Pet Training Pads box, you will get a total of 120 training pads, each measuring 23" x 24" in total area. This allows for versatile placement inside the home or ample space to help line a car seat, pet carrier, or similar location.