Member's Mark Colombian Supremo Coffee, Single-Serve Cups (100 ct.)

Member's Mark Colombian Supremo Coffee, Single-Serve Cups (100 ct.)
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Make mornings memorable with Member’s Mark™ Colombian Supremo Coffee, Single-Serve Cups (100 ct.). What are Member’s Mark Colombian Supremo Coffee, Single-Serve Cups? These are small, single-serve cups of Colombian Supremo roast that you can use to balance any cup of coffee while adding additional flavor if desired. These single-serve cups have been meticulously roasted to attain that traditional Colombian flavor that many love. Each cup also contains a noticeable chocolate and hazelnut aroma and taste. Member’s Mark Colombian Supremo Coffee, Single-Serve Cups Provides Enough for Everyone With 100 cups in one box, this is a terrific option for offices, schools and homes. If you’re surrounded by a large group of coffee drinkers and would like to supply each of them with supremo coffee, then a box can make things easier. Easy to Use All you have to do is load one of these compact cups into your single-serve coffee machine. Within moments, you’ll have a hot and delicious medium dark roast beverage that you can enjoy. If anything, the back of the box contains simple instructions, so you’ll always have guidance if things go astray. Sourcing Story Member’s Mark coffee comes from a range of cooperatives in Colombia. This coffee is purchased directly from a co-op of farmers and growers, ASOANEI, which helps them put food on their table, support their families, and invest in their communities. Each purchase aids the development of family farmers, ensuring their growth and progress for generations to come. Additionally, ASOANEI has invested $89,586 into projects supporting productivity and quality improvements. Farmer Quote: “I wanted to join (ASOANEI) because they produce organic coffee and because of the benefits the association provides -such as stable coffee prices, access to credit, and social investments. The wet mill at my home was built using Fair Trade Premium funds and a loan I received. I ask all our buyers to please keep purchasing our coffee. It is organic, of the highest quality, and it helps us producers survive.” Making a difference, one brew at a time. Every time you drink Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, you help improve the lives of farmers and workers by enabling them to create sustainable livelihoods, safe conditions and stronger communities. Over $3.5 million invested. When you shop Fair Trade Certified™ products, you help give farmers and their communities sustainable livelihoods, safer conditions, education and so much more.