Lenovo Tech Install Parts - 3 Year - Warranty

Lenovo Tech Install Parts - 3 Year - Warranty
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Brand: Lenovo
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Basic System Warranty coverage requires customer replacement of many PC parts and components (CRUs - Customer Replaceable Unit Parts). Lenovo’s On-site + Technician Installation Of CRUs lets you avoid the time and hassle associated with CRU part replacement and have the convenience of on-site installation by a qualified Lenovo™ technician.ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE On-site + Technician Install of CRU parts is ideal for remote locations where technical resources are not available or for organizations with inexperienced end-users. OPTIMIZES IT RESOURCE TIME Free IT staff from internal part installation so they have more time to deal with mission critical business. QUALITY ASSURANCE Consistent, best-in-class quality of Lenovo™-Qualified Parts and Lenovo™-Qualified Technicians ensures the on-going value of your product.