Kleenex Pop-Up Facial Tissue - 6 boxes - 95 ct. each

Kleenex Pop-Up Facial Tissue - 6 boxes - 95 ct. each
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Brand: Kleenex
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Prepare yourself this allergy season with Kleenex® White Facial Tissue Pop-Up Box, 2-Ply (95 tissues per box, 6 boxes per pk.). Dry your watery eyes or runny nose with these facial tissues to experience its gentle softness and comforting touch. Why Use Kleenex White Facial Tissue Pop-Up Box? Kleenex White Facial Tissue Pop-Up Box features a classic box of tissues designed for comfort, strength and absorbency. Each tissue is soft and delicate so when you use them on sensitive skin areas such as your hands or face, it has a low risk of causing irritation, dryness or itchiness. These tissues are made to be both pleasant and easy to use. Packaged all inside one box which dispenses the tissues one by one, you can safely keep them on your desk, counter or table so they’re always at arm’s reach and where you need them most. Clean Up Messes Although these facial tissues are designed for taking care of your face, they’re also excellent for cleaning up any messes. Whether minor or large, just one to three tissues can clear it up. Keep a box by your office desk to soak up spills from your coffee to prevent infamous coffee rings from forming. Or use them to clean up any bits of food dropped on your table from your lunch. And if needed, dab the tissue with a little water to ensure an even cleaner surface. Unique Tissue Colors Each tissue box comes with 95 smooth and soft facial tissues. But the last 10 tissues are different. To help alert you when your tissue box is almost completely used up, these tissues feature a cream color instead of white. Now, once you see the cream color pop out of the box, you have time to prepare and get a new one ready before you’re all out. What Material Is Used to Make Kleenex Facial Tissues? Kleenex Facial Tissues are made from select trees including spruce, fir, maple, aspen and eucalyptus. These species of trees contain thin wood fibers which are perfect for creating tissues with a softer texture and stronger absorbency. It first starts at the manufacturing mills where the wood pulp is mixed with water. Then, the cellulose fibers are separated and formed into webs or sheets before it’s dried by being pressed with a steam-heated cylinder. Next, the machines make one sheet consisting of two layers for extra strength and smoothness. Lastly, it’s cut and packaged into each box ready for use. Who Makes these Facial Tissues? These facial tissues are made by the brand Kleenex. Kleenex was first brought to market in 1924 and since then, because of their massive success, has become a household name sometimes said to refer to a box of tissues. Also selling lotions, hand towels, wet wipes, facial cleansers and a variety of other tissue products, you can trust Kleenex to provide you with some of the most fabulous tissues money can buy. Supporting responsible forestry practices and sustainability standards, Kleenex takes concern for the preservation of our environment by assuring their tissues are made only from well-managed forestlands or from recycled sources.