Kleenex Pop-Up Facial Tissue - 36 boxes - 100 ct. each

Kleenex Pop-Up Facial Tissue - 36 boxes - 100 ct. each
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Brand: Kleenex
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All facial tissues are not created equal. Kleenex® tissue offers superior performance, a premium feel, and essential softness. When your employees, patients, and guests see the respected Kleenex® brand in your business and restrooms, they’ll know that you select quality products, putting forth the best image for your business. It’s a popular choice in healthcare and medical offices, hotels and lodging, and businesses in general. For more than 80 years, Kleenex® has delivered the highest quality among facial tissues, providing consumers with smart innovations like an ultra-soft feel and Signal Sheets (the last 10 tissues are cream-colored instead of white, so you know it’s almost time for a new box). You’ll want to buy them in bulk. Choosing Kleenex® lets everyone know that you care enough to provide the very best. Put the premium performance and the positive touch of the Kleenex® brand within reach in your restroom and throughout your workplace. As we look towards the future, Kimberly-Clark Professional is committed to providing a wide collection of essential products and services that help make your workplace exceptional. Our dedication to innovation has helped businesses confidently navigate change and empowered people at work for nearly 150 years and we are committed to doing so for years to come. For Business: Packaged for commercial use. What Makes Kleenex Different? Introduced to the market in 1924, Kleenex had early roots as a leading disposable tissue. Depending on your need, Kleenex everyday facial tissues come in a wide assortment, including the easy-to-replace Kleenex pop-up box. You can even find Kleenex products designed for different space requirements, including on-the-go packs, making these facial tissues easy to take on any adventure or to keep at home or in the office for immediate use. These Kleenex tissues are 2-ply facial tissues, meaning each sheet contains two sheets combined to give your nose a superior clean with a soft touch. Made from wood that was sourced from a certified managed forest, Kleenex tissues are part of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) program - the FSC logo will appear on any products that are made with sustainable resources such as wood from responsibly managed forests. Part of the Kimberly-Clark product family, Kleenex is also one of many brands that participate in the World Wildlife Funds’ Global Forest and Trade Network. What is Special About the Pop-Up Box? Kleenex® White Facial Tissue features a unique signal to tell you when to replace your facial tissues. With 100 Kleenex tissues per box, running out may seem like it will take a while. Now, you can take out the guesswork by watching for colored tissues that indicate the box needs replacing. When you see a pop of color, you know you are nearly out of Kleenex everyday facial tissues. Simply replace the box with another one and never question again whether there are facial tissues whenever someone is in need. Another unique feature is that the pop-up box is a flat box. Rectangular in shape, rather than square or cubical, the flat box of 2-ply facial tissue contains more sheets than other Kleenex products. Eliminate the Guesswork for Replacing the Box Kleenex® White Facial Tissue has colored tissues that indicate when a new box of Kleenex facial tissue is needed. Keep a box in your home, office, school classroom or anywhere else you may need Kleenex tissues handy.