Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar Free Spearmint Gum (40 ct, 4 pks.)

Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Sugar Free Spearmint Gum (40 ct, 4 pks.)
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Brand: Ice Breakers
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Ice Breaker Cubes Sugar-Free Spearmint Gum is a low-calorie, sugar-free gum that comes in small cubes. Each container is packed with refreshing spearmint flavor and each piece of gum is only five calories. Ice Breakers gum comes in sizable containers and makes a great option for resale at concession stands and convenience stores. Good on the Go Ice Breakers gum comes in a convenient package that is easy to take with you on the go. This makes it simple to freshen your breath anytime and anywhere. Just toss a pack in your purse or backpack and pull it out whenever you want a taste of invigorating spearmint. The containers feature a snap-close lid to lock in freshness and prevent spills. With each container, you have plenty of gum to share with family and friends, no matter where you are. Wake Up Your Taste Buds With Ice Breakers Gum Not only does Ice Breakers gum taste great, but it also helps keep your smile healthy. This sugar-free gum is the perfect option to chew 20 minutes after a meal to prevent cavities. Rather than having sugar, Ice cubes gum contains xylitol and has earned the seal of approval from the American Dental Association. If you’re worried about bad breath, just pop a piece of gum before your date or a job interview for peace of mind. You can even stock the office break room to offer an alternative to sugary snacks. Available for Resale Ice Breaker Ice Cubes are a great option for stocking concession stands or other stores when customers want to freshen their breath a bit. Ice Breakers gum contains cooling crystals designed to offer long-lasting flavor each time you chew.