HON® 10500 Series Laminate Bookcase

HON® 10500 Series Laminate Bookcase
Categories: Office, Programs
Brand: HON
449 USD
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Perfect for today’s professional whether in a home or on-site workspace, the HON - 10500 Series Laminate Bookcase features a straight-forward style for a streamlined look that blends with any office design. This strong, dependable laminate bookcase is the best-built choice desk in its price class. Robust construction using metal-to-metal fasteners and wood dowels add a solid feel along with long-lasting performance Is this Bookcase Sturdy and Durable? The five-shelf Hon bookcase is amazingly sturdy, and ready to handle your books and reference materials. In a rich shade of wood-grained Mahogany, the premium multi-ply, thermal-fused laminate stands up to scratches, spills, stains and liquids-while holding up under heavy use. The metal-to-metal fastening system offers a precise fit and unsurpassed durability while inner-frame construction stands up to the stress of frequent moving and relocation. Leveling glides compensate for uneven floors. Even better, the HON - 10500 Series Laminate Bookcase is factory-assembled for your convenience. Whether used in a small or large work environment, this bookcase makes an accommodating solution that can be used for reference books and more to support executives, professionals, administrators and technology workers.