Grease Lightning Degreaser

Grease Lightning Degreaser
Categories: Office, Programs
Brand: Coastwide Professional
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Perfect to remove fats, proteins, vegetable oil, sugar, blood, carbonized or greasy soils, and smoke residues. Highly concentrated for use in automatic scrubbers, pressure washers, and steam cleaners. Contains modern corrosion inhibitors to protect equipment. Application: Degreaser/Cleaner Applicable Material: Acrylic Cement Ceramics Enamel Fiberglass Glass Grout Laminates Linoleum Metal Mortar Painted Drywall Plaster Polymeric Flooring Rubber Sealed Brick Sealed Cork Sealed Stone Sealed Wood Sheet Vinyl Solid Vinyl Tile SVT Terrazzo Vinyl Composition Tile VCT Dirt Types: Cooking Oil Dust Grease Grime Ink Lubricants Motor Oil Petroleum Soil Wax Physical Form: Liquid.