Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Smart Display - Charcoal

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Smart Display - Charcoal
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Brand: Google Nest
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Meet the 2nd Gen Google Nest Hub smart display from Google - the center of your helpful home. Available now at RC Willey, stay entertained in the kitchen with shows, videos, and music. In the living room, control your compatible lights, TVs, and other smart devices with a tap or your voice. And on your bedside table, Nest Hub can help you wake up easier with a Sunrise Alarm. It can even help you get a better nights sleep with Sleep Sensing. Keep your family connected. Nest Hub works with your Nest speakers and displays to keep everyone in sync. Broadcast messages across the house tell everyone dinners ready or its time to go. Chat from room to room. Make Duo audio calls. Nest Hub respects your privacy. You can turn off the mic at any time with the mic switch. And easily clear your Google Assistant history whenever you want. The easiest way to be entertained. Catch up on Netflix shows. Watch YouTube videos and listen to music on the enhanced speaker. Stream from the music services you use most, like YouTube Music, Spotify, and Pandora. Play, pause, browse, and control the volume with a tap. Or just say Hey Google." An effortless way to track your sleep. With Nest Hub on your bedside table, Sleep Sensing can track when you go to bed, when you wake up, and how long youve slept. Sleep Sensing uses Motion Sense to detect movement and breathing without a camera. Your home’s control center. Nest Hub shows all your connected devices in one place, so you can control them with a tap. Or just ask Google. And with an additional mic on Nest Hub, it hears you better than ever. The hub of your connected home. Control your smart home with thousands of compatible devices. Turn on lights, lock the doors, or turn up the thermostat with a tap. Nest Hub also works with Nest video doorbells and cameras. Just say, Hey Google, show me the front door camera to see your live feed. Hands-free help. Just ask Google about the weather, news, sports, or almost anything, and get quick answers. Wind down easily. Wake up gently. With Nest Hub you can fall asleep and wake up easier. From the your evening page, set your alarm, control your compatible lights and other connected devices, and play soothing sounds to help you drift off. Nest Hubs Sunrise Alarm wakes you up gently. Make restaurant reservations with ease. Booking a restaurant reservation gets even easier with your Nest Hub 2nd Gen. Now its simpler to book a table at your local restaurant right from your display.