Epson DuraBrite 127XL Combo Pack - Black

Epson DuraBrite 127XL Combo Pack - Black
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Brand: Epson
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Epson® DuraBrite® 127XL Combo Pack, Black (2 pk.) contains high-performing black ink that’s water-resistant, smudge-proof, and delivers amazing results. Whether you’re using plain white paper to print a report or high gloss paper for photo prints, this Epson 127 black ink is a great choice for text, prints, and photos. This package includes two high-capacity cartridges for longer use. What’s Different About Epson DuraBrite? The Epson DuraBrite 127XL Combo Pack uses DuraBrite Ultra Ink to give you the best possible results no matter what you’re printing. Graphics, texts, and photos are extra sharp and crisp and you can make double-sided prints without worrying about anything bleeding through. This quick-drying ink is smudge-proof, even right after printing, and water-proof to help you avoid any accidental damage from rain or water splashes. What Can You Use the Epson DuraBrite 127XL Combo Pack to Print? Epson 127 black ink is great for everyday printing on plain white paper and produces results that are exceptionally clear for easy-to-read graphics and text. If you’re printing a report for class or a newsletter to hand out at the office, this ink will not let you down. If you’re interested in printing photos from home, using an Epson 127 black ink cartridge in conjunction with color cartridges will produce high-quality prints that are better than photos developed in a lab. When you use Epson DuraBrite with Epson glossy paper, the result is crystal clear images with better fade resistance than professional prints. The special resin formulation helps to keep the glossiness even and maintains the true color of the prints across different types of lighting. This box contains two Epson printer cartridges with black DuraBright ink. These high-capacity Epson ink cartridges produce twice the amount of prints of a standard cartridge which saves you time and money.