Dymo LetraTag - 10697 Paper Label Tape, 1/2", White - 2 Pack

Dymo LetraTag - 10697 Paper Label Tape, 1/2", White - 2 Pack
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Brand: DYMO
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DYMO® LetraTag® - 10697 Paper Label Tape offers an affordable and convenient solution for all your labeling needs. The DYMO label tape is created with strength and durability to provide long-term labeling solutions for both home and office uses. Are the DYMO LetraTag Labels Easy to Use? The 10697 Paper Label Tape is an easy to use labeling solution. The labels are made specifically for the LetraTag Label Makers. To make the labels, all you have to do is type the desired content into your computer and print using the label maker. Or you can write the content on your label directly. The DYMO label maker tape is packaged in easy-to-load cassettes and is created with a split-back and easy-peel feature, meaning it is not glossy and easy to peel and cut. This feature leads to easy and convenient use. How Can the Labels Be Used? This DYMO label paper is perfect for both home and office use. For home use, they are great for labeling pantry and food items, particularly spices and ingredients that can sometimes be hard to identify. They are also great for labeling potted plants in your home or garden, especially if you have a large collection that need to be identified. Closet shelves, cords, cables and binder clips are other items that can be labeled to create more convenience. The DYMO LetraTag tape can also be used for making custom gift tags for your friends or loved ones. When hosting a party, add elegant and crisp labels to snack or cheese platters, or create place cards for events. For office use, the paper labels can help you better organize and identify your supplies, binders, and files, leading to less clutter and fewer headaches. Are the Labels Machine-Washable? Yes, the DYMO LetraTag white paper labels are made machine-washable, giving them greater durability.