Correll 5' Rectangle-Shaped Activity Table, Blue

Correll 5' Rectangle-Shaped Activity Table, Blue
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Brand: Correll
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Great for classrooms and offices, the Correll® 5’ Rectangle-Shaped Activity Table, Select Color provides ample space for your needs. Whether you’re looking to give your students more space to spread out or are hosting a casual lunch for your employees, these vibrantly colored tables are a convenience. Each table features four adjustable legs that range from 21 to 30" to make them comfortable for adults and children. The colorful surface is waterproof and resists stains from crayons, markers, glue, paste, food and so much more. The assortment of bright colors is a delight to younger students while the classic medium oak is suitable for a more professional environment. What Is the Top of My Correll 5’ Rectangle-Shaped Activity Table Made Of? The colored tables feature a one-piece plastic top that helps protect the wood surface underneath. How Do I Clean My Correll 5’ Rectangle-Shaped Activity Table? To clean off your rectangle table, simply use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. Most stains will come up easily. The metal frame can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt and debris. How Long Is the Plastic Rectangular Table? Each colorful kids’ activity table measures up to 30" x 60". This length makes it great for multiple kids to play at and provides space for at least four adults to sit at comfortably. Is the Surface Textured or Smooth? To provide a surface that’s great for writing on, the rectangular activity table has a light texture. The table is great for training sessions and other events that may require writing. Are the Tables Easy to Carry? The tables are built with a lightweight frame and can be carried safely by two people. Tables are light enough for one person, but for safety reasons, always carry with a second person. The foldable legs ensure you won’t get snagged on walls and fabrics as you transport the table. Tables are easily stacked for travel in moving trucks.