ControlTek CoinLOK Plastic Coin Bags

ControlTek CoinLOK Plastic Coin Bags
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Brand: Controltek
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Used every day by major armored couriers and banks, CoinLOK Plastic Coin Bags provide the convenience of a single-use bag while matching the strength of many reusable bags. CoinLOK fits all major coin counters and sorters, improving efficiency and security of your coin processing. Exceptionally strong bag meets VPC (Vault Process Certification) standards for security and performance. Tamper-resistant closure with ultra-strong adhesive provides security in transit. Reinforced, die-cut handle with triple-ply film withstands 100 lb. stretch test. Low-slip surface allows easy stacking. Bag includes federal-required labeling and writing areas, a serial number and tear-off receipt. High-visibility, federal-compliant bar codes allow easy scanning. Large serial numbers allow easy tracking via CCTV.