Canine Creations Cozy Oval Round Cuddler Pet Bed, 33" x 27" - Blue

Canine Creations Cozy Oval Round Cuddler Pet Bed, 33" x 27" - Blue
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Brand: Canine Creations
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Spoil your fur baby with the most comfortable cuddler pet bed ever. The comforting, stylish Canine Creations Cozy Oval Round Cuddler Pet Bed is filled with 100% premium, first-grade memory foam that contours to your pet’s body, to improve circulation for any size or weight dog or cat so they can sleep better and longer. High-quality memory foam cushions their head, shoulders, spine, torso and hips to reduce pressure on their body and sooth tired, aching muscles and joints. You will know that your dog or cat is safe because Canine Creations only uses foam made in the USA, BPA free with no mercury, lead or phthalates. Secure and Safe The walls also give any dog or cat space to curl up to stay warm for extra security or to rest their furry head and paws on. The inside is made of an extra soft, plush fur that every pet will sink into with comfort. The outside of this cozy bed is made with high-quality, durable, upholstery-grade fabric that can withstand clawing and burrowing. The bed is surprisingly easy to wash and care for because the stuffer inside the cushion is removable. The neutral colors will enhance the d├ęcor in your living room, family room, bedroom, office or den. This bed comes in a variety of colors and sizes