Brother P-Touch - TZe221 Label Tape, 3/8", Black on White

Brother P-Touch - TZe221 Label Tape, 3/8", Black on White
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Brand: Brother
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People who need labels for organizing a variety of things understand that it is invaluable to find a label tape that withstands changing temperatures and can handle a bit of water. The Brother® P-Touch® TZe221 Label Tape, 3/8", Black on White is just the tape for anyone that doesn’t want to constantly replace labels that don’t stick around. The white background on this Brother P-Touch tape allows the black ink on top to clearly show. In addition, the surface of the Brother label tape is laminated which allows it to be water resistant. The surface is also able to withstand UV rays, exposure to grease and temperatures from -30ºC to 100ºC making the P-touch label tape ideal for outdoor use as well as kitchen use, even near the stove. Can I Use the Brother P-Touch TZe221 Label Tape in a Commercial Kitchen? Yes. The P-touch tape is durable and can stand up to kitchen activities. Labeling is a great way to keep a large kitchen space organized because there is a lot of equipment to keep track of. The tape is specifically designed to be abrasion-resistant and grease-resistant, which is ideal for a kitchen setting. Do I Need to Abbreviate My Words? No. The Brother P-Touch TZe221 Label Tape does not have a designated length for each label. It is a roll of tape that you cut when the label is completely printed. This Brother TZe tape is convenient for this reason so you don’t have to worry about how long your label is. Can I Label Beakers and Erlenmeyer Flasks with the P-Touch Label Tape? Yes. This tape is great for high school or university chemistry laboratories because you can individually label your glassware to make for easy organization for your students. The P-Touch tape can stand up to heat, even from a bunsen burner or other direct flame. In addition, the Brother label tape is resistant to chemicals that you would typically use in a high school or university laboratory setting. Cleaning up the lab is so much easier when the students have a labeling system to follow.