Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds (40 oz.)

Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds (40 oz.)
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Brand: Blue Diamond
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Enjoy a healthy snack with Blue Diamond® Smokehouse® Almonds (40 oz). A large bag like this is ideal for parties, office break rooms, schools, homes and more. About Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds Blue Diamond selects the finest almonds. And since you have over 2 lbs. of almonds in one bag, it’s easy to share with family and friends. You can also pour a few into a little baggie and keep it with you during the day. When you’re feeling hungry while you’re on the road, you can munch on some Blue Diamond almonds to curb your cravings. Who Makes Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds? These almonds come from Blue Diamond Growers. The company specializes in producing and selling almonds in different forms and flavors. It’s passionate about providing consumers with delicious, high-quality almonds. Healthier Than Other Snacks Blue Diamond almonds are delicious, but they can also be a healthier alternative to processed treats. Each serving has 2g of net carbs, which may be low enough to help you lose weight if you’re on a diet. Every serving has 0g of trans fat, 1g of sugar and only 0mg of cholesterol. Blue Diamond almonds also include essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, magnesium, iron and calcium. Each serving contains 6g of protein. And these almonds are gluten-free and have non-GMO certification. Packaging Offers Additional Convenience Blue Diamond almonds come in a bag, which is more convenient than a bulky and rigid box. Since this bag is slim, you can easily place it on store shelves or in your cupboard at home. This pack of almonds also has a resealable zipper along the top, which allows you to grab a handful while keeping the rest fresh.