BIC Soft Feel Ballpoint Retractable Pen, Medium, 12pk, Blue

BIC Soft Feel Ballpoint Retractable Pen, Medium, 12pk, Blue
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Brand: BIC
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When you need a really great pen for your home, office or school work, reach for the BIC® Soft Feel® Retractable Ballpoint Pen, 1mm, Medium, Blue, 12pk. You will love the many features of this ballpoint pen. What Are the Specifications of the BIC Soft Feel Retractable Ballpoint Pen, 1mm, Medium, Blue? The BIC Soft Feel pens have a unique barrel with a special no-slip grip that is super comfortable to give you the ultimate writing utensil. You will like the convenience of the retractable click action, and you will appreciate the precision performance of the conical tip. There is a pocket clip to help you keep track of your BIC Soft Feel pen. Is Each BIC Soft Feel Retractable Ballpoint Pen, 1mm, Medium the Same Color in This Pack? Yes, all of the BIC Soft Feel medium pens in this pack have blue ink and a corresponding blue barrel. There are other colors of BIC ballpoint pens, such as red and black, but they are sold separately. You know that you can trust these BIC retractable pens because the company has been putting out high-quality items for over 60 years. BIC is a family-owned company that happens to be the world leader in stationery items, shaving items and lighters. You can find it listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, and you can count on a BIC item to be a good and reliable choice for all of your writing utensil needs. These BIC Soft Feel pens, just like their original ballpoint pen, provides an easy answer for one of your simple everyday needs. In fact, that is what BIC strives to do with all of their products. Their goal is to provide simple and reliable solutions every day. That is why BIC uses its innovative product team to design products that fit the ever-changing needs of the consumer. You can be sure that your BIC Soft Feel medium pen in blue ink will be reliable and smooth.