Belle Verde Del Mar- Putting Green 3.75 x 9

Belle Verde Del Mar- Putting Green 3.75 x 9
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Brand: Belle Verde
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Belle Verde Del Mar Artificial Grass Putting Green (3.75’ x 9’) will take your golf game to the next level by bringing the putting green straight to you. There is no limit to how much you can practice when the putting green is right in your backyard (or basement, or office or garage). You will be the envy of all your golf buddies and you will shave strokes off your handicap like never before. Artificial grass costs drastically less than real grass, so your dreams of playing golf at home are easily within your reach. If golf isn’t your thing, this pre-cut piece of artificial grass is a price-friendly option for a small bocce ball court, area rug or makeshift green area for your backyard, rooftop, basement or garage. Use it to make a bathroom area for your pet, especially in cold weather areas where going outside is a seasonal option. What Is the Shape of the Grass? Belle Verde Del Mar Artificial Grass Putting Green is rectangular in shape but can be easily cut into any natural shape you desire with the use of a sharp cutting blade. Making it into your backyard putting green is easy and it will fit naturally into any landscape because you can cut it to size. What Are the Downsides of an Artificial Putting Green? Artificial grass is not exactly the same as real grass, so putting may feel slightly different on the course. That said, if you are looking to create a home putting green then artificial grass is a much easier alternative to real grass because it requires no maintenance and no watering. Golf courses are maintained by professionals on a rotating schedule, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. It’s a level of detailing that simply isn’t possible to compete with on an individual level. Does Belle Verde Del Mar Artificial Grass Putting Green Require Maintenance? No, this artificial turf is extremely durable and weather-resistant so that it requires no maintenance. Of course, you’ll never have to mow it or water it, and it will never turn brown.