Avery® Return Address Labels, 2/3" x 1-3/4" , 600 Clear Labels (15695)

Avery® Return Address Labels, 2/3" x 1-3/4" , 600 Clear Labels (15695)
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Brand: Avery
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Do your packages and envelopes need a shot of sophistication? This pack of Avery® matte clear return address labels is the clear choice for sprucing up ordinary envelopes and packaging These matte clear labels basically disappear when applied to white, light-colored or textured paper. Use these clear labels on vellum envelopes and glassine bags to create a printed-on appearance. These labels also feature exclusive Avery® Sure Feed™ technology to improve print alignment and avoid jamming. The blue, textured strip on the top of each sheet provides better grip for printer rollers and helps feed the sheet through your printer.Ultrahold® permanent adhesive makes sure that these labels stick and stay without peeling, curling or falling off. Once applied, the permanent adhesive makes sure that the label holds fast to a variety of surfaces including paper, plastic, cardboard, film, painted metals and glass. The proprietary Easy Peel® label technology makes sure that these clear return address labels are easy to peel and quick to apply. Just bend the label sheet, peel off your labels and fold the sheet back flat. These Avery® mailing labels are easy to use and make it simple to customize your envelopes, invitations and product packaging with an elegant flair.Avery® Design & Print also makes it straightforward to create beautiful, personalized labels from your own home or office. The free browser-based design software has all of the tools you need to create return address labels, wedding invitations, product branding and more. Try it out today at avery.com.templatesPlease Note:These labels are optimized for use with laser printers only. Using these sheets with inkjet printers may cause the print to smear. More from the Manufacturer